Projected Scholarship Endowment Income: Scholarship Awards Management Portal (SAMS)

To assist University school/college/division academic program scholarship administrators with projecting endowment income for endowed scholarship spending/beneficiary accounts that receive endowment income, there is a Cognos report that provides projected endowment income for the current academic period, and two future academic periods. The report is called the Scholarship Award Management System ("SAMS") Portal.

The SAMS Portal also has a column that contains "Scholarship Criteria" specific to a particular endowment spending/beneficiary account that is based on donor agreements, which the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs has programmed into the SAMS Portal.

In addition, there is a column in the SAMS Portal that has links that will provide a listing of "Eligible Students" for a particular endowment spending/beneficiary account. The listing of eligible students is based upon a comparison of student academic data versus specific scholarship criteria that has been agreed upon with University donors (referred to above), that has been programmed into the SAMS Portal.

Therefore, the SAMS Portal provides school/college/division academic unit scholarship administrators the information that is needed to plan for and make scholarship awards in current and upcoming academic semesters.

Here are brief instructions to navigate to the SAMS Portal:

  • Go to WSU Academica

  • Click on the Employee Resources link

  • Click on the Administrative Systems sub-menu item

  • Click on the Business Intelligence Reporting Portal ("BI Reporting") sub-menu item

  • The Internet browser will get directed to a C&IT Enterprise Analytics and Information Resource page

  • Click on the Financial Aid link 

  • Click on the "Sams Portal" link

  • Once on the home menu page of the SAMS Portal, click on the first link on the top left, entitled "1 Scholarship Funding Availability" 

  • Click on your school/college/division on the resulting drop-down menu

  • Click on the "Projected Available to Award" bar chart

    • There are three "Projected Balance" columns one column is for the current semester, and two columns for the following two semesters. (The fall term/year or winter term/year date references in the column headings change dynamically based on the most recent posting of quarterly endowment income.)